About Beyond the Diagnosis-

Beyond the Diagnosis was created to show the lives of chronically ill individuals beyond the doctor's office. I chose chronic illness specifically because of the stories I've heard from family and friends that reflected points in my own experiences as a chronically ill individual.

These illnesses and their symptoms typically go unnoticed by those outside of our immediate circle, yet they impact our everyday lives significantly. Our challenges and our hard-won pleasures can however be discerned with an attentive eye.

Our stories, told here through observations and images I’ve made in partnership with each of my collaborators, provide a window into the ways in which chronic illnesses affect each of us on daily basis in both subtle and obvious ways.

Each page of this website is dedicated to one singular story, yet as a whole speak to a collective and usually concealed struggle.

I hope this project shows you another side to not only this group of people, but people in your own life.

 -Alex Monroe, 2017